The Dress Over Jeans

Was it the 90s or noughties when we were all wearing dresses over trousers? My memory’s not what it used to be but Google realiably informs me the 90s were all about skirts over trousers & the early noughties the look moved onto dresses over jeans. Fashion history aside, there is something so wrong about […]

For the Love of Zara

I remember a time a few years back when I could walk into Topshop and without fail find something new to fall in love with.  They seemed to know exactly what  wanted before I knew I wanted it and were always so spot on.  Great for retail, not so much on my wallet.  Anyway, fast […]

The New Boots

Keeping with the autumn/winter theme despite the scorching weather, notes from the new season say the crazier the better where footwear is concerned.  So, you’re either going metallics, glitter or leopard.  Possibly all three, with a spot of jacquard thrown in for good measure.  If you’re really out there. My usual criteria for winter boots […]


There’s definitely something about the tail end of summer that has me looking, entirely prematurely, towards the autumn and the chance to bring out my winter wardrobe.  You see, the problem is that summer isn’t really my prefered season for dressing, so as soon as the autumn/winter clothes start appearing in the shops, I feel […]

The Grey Tee

I don’t care what Kate Moss says, basics rule and chief among them (ok possibly on a par with the breton top) is the grey t-shirt.  I can’t deny that I sometimes wish I was a more outlandish dresser, the sort of person who can throw together a crazy outfit and pull it off with […]

The Denim Skirt

If you’re anything like me, a single picture can instantly have you hooked on a particular item of clothing.  Ever since clapping eyes on this street style picture of the Vetements denim mini skirt I have been obsessed.  This was the picture for me that made a well worn item suddenly current again.  I even […]

The Black Dungarees

I considered calling this blog the ebay fiend, having lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where something is from only to divulge in a half mumble.. ebay. Oh how I love it.  For starters there’s the opportunity to afford those covetable items ordinarily so far out of my reach.  If it’s a […]